Watermelon Mikado lovers?

Gluten-, dairy-, lactose-free – Vegan – Low in sugars

Can you relate? Each year during the season, your heart gives a full YES to that giant watermelon. Soft, but crunchy. Sweet, but refreshing. This fruit lends itself to the ideal breakfast (click here for my watermelon breakfast recipe).

In the mood for creativity? Make a watermelon Mikado!

For one person, you will need approximately (based on personal needs) 1/4th of a watermelon with skin, 200g of red fruits and 100g of (plant-based) yogurt.

Cut the watermelon into equal slices through the long side. Cut these triangles into smaller triangles. Lay down some triangles horizontally in the center of a plate and place some other triangles vertically on top of them. Continue building until you have made a little “tower”.

Dress the plate with a couple of spoonfuls of (plant-based) yogurt, red fruits and watermelon.