Are you looking for healthy cooking inspiration? Are you intolerant to gluten or milk? Do you eat vegan or are you an omnivore who wants to try something new?

When I started to suffer from bloating and painful stomach cramps more and more often, I could feel that my way of eating was not working for me. Deep down I wanted to eat ‘differently’, but I did not know how or what to change, and therefore I did nothing. It was only until my abdominal aches spiked a while ago and I had to listen to my body. I turned out to be intolerant for milk, eggs, almonds, sunflower seeds, gluten, and many other foods.

Consequently, I had to teach myself a new way of eating. I searched for appropriate breakfast-alternatives for bread and yoghurt, and eliminated cake and pies from the menu, as they all contained milk, eggs and gluten. I went ahead and started with baking, from scratch, to be able to enjoy all those treats again in a way that suits my body. There were not that many options anyway and, besides, alternatives to milk, bread, cake and cookies were often enriched with lots of refined sugars and other additives. I eliminated those from the menu as well, temporarily, in order to tackle my abdominal issues and allow my body to recover in the most natural way possible.
Throughout this entire process I became aware of the impact of nutrition on our body and I now know better what is good for me. For example, I switched from a bread to a fruits breakfast and I have more energy. It has been part of my path to making more ‘body-conscious’ choices.

I started taking photos of my creations and soon the Instagram account “Tartelitha” was born. I wanted to share my knowledge and inspire others by showing that things can be done differently, that no one should ever feel excluded because of different nutritional needs. Below you will find some of my first food photos.
In the meantime, I make colorful breakfasts, breakfast boxes, lunches and desserts to order. In addition to photos, I share tips about books and products via social media, as well as develop recipes for magazines.
If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please do not hesitate to reach out!