Are you looking for breakfast inspiration? Are you gluten-, milk-, egg-, nut- or sugar-intolerant? Do you eat vegan or are you an omnivore who wants to try something new?
Due to physical complaints I had to reconsider my way of eating (for my story, please see ‘About’). Step by step I became aware of what my body needs, I got acquainted with new ingredients and I taught myself a different way of eating breakfast.
For example, I largely switched from a breakfast with bread and sugary spreads to a gluten-free breakfast consisting of (plant-based) yogurt, fruits and healthy toppings.

Because I adjusted my diet, taking into account my intolerances to eggs, milk and wheat, and focus on unprocessed (‘wholesome’) foods, I feel less tired and bloated, and I have more energy.
Going egg- and milk-free for breakfast means that you will be redirected rather quickly to the ‘plant-based’ segment. Whether you struggle with intolerances yourself or not, I hope that my creations will inspire you to eat plant-based breakfasts more often! That is a bonus for the animals and the planet :-).

To order

Customized breakfast
Healthy, gluten-, lactose-, milk- or (refined) sugar-free, kids-proof, colourful, low carb or plant-based… I make breakfast tailor-made for your event, to share with family or just for yourself!
Breakfast cake, muffins, porridge, pancakes, yogurt with fruit, etc. Be inspired by the photos and let me know what you would like.

Breakfast boxes
Energy Boost. A breakfast box filled with tasty and easily digestible items: fresh yogurt with lemon and granola, apple crumble with nuts-raisins mixture and creamy peanut caramel cream, banana breakfast cake, porridge with fresh fruit… Fresh, naturally sweet, warming. The ideal combination of ingredients to start your day in a healthy way. Plant-based, free from refined sugars, milk and egg (gluten-free on demand).
Custom breakfast box. Have you seen some items here that you would like to try or do you have a specific request? Let me know and we will put together a breakfast box tailored to your needs.
Coming soon… the Inclusive Breakfast Box
Having to pay attention to your diet day in and day out means that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You have different nutritional needs than your housemates, who often do not want to go along with your new way of eating. In fact, gluten- or lactose-free, or plant-based food is often labeled as ‘too healthy’ and therefore ‘not tasty’ by those who prefer a more traditional way of eating. What if we opted for an inclusive way of eating, where everyone at the table is provided with tasty treats?
A breakfast box that integrates the classic, the allergen-friendly and the healthier ways of eating. Combine classic items with gluten-, lactose-, dairy- or sugar-free, and plant-based items. For example, bread rolls with cheese and lactose-free toppings, plant-based yogurt, etc.
More information about this breakfast box will follow later.

Coming soon… Come taste!

Breakfast at Atelier P. (Meldert, Aalst)
Selecting tea, choosing furniture and tableware, thinking about the new layout of the room and drawing plans, putting together a menu… I am currently helping Patricia from Atelier P. (my mother!) with the startup of her new breakfast and tearoom. Preparations are in full swing.
You will be able to have a delicious breakfast there (on reservation) and enjoy an ice cream, crêpe or waffle. In addition to classic breakfast formulas, adapted (and plant-based) breakfasts from Tartelitha will be offered. Stay informed about the construction works via Atelier P.’s Facebook page!

Tartelitha’s Breakfast Bar
If you are intolerant to eggs, milk and wheat (gluten), going out for breakfast is often a disappointing experience.
Yogurt (milk product) with granola and little fruit, bread rolls (gluten), eggs and bacon, pancakes (gluten, milk, eggs)… Breakfast items are usually offered the traditional way. Most often there is little color (and fruit) on your plate and the focus is mainly on bread products with classic charcuterie. Personally, it doesn’t make me smile.
This inspired me to use the renovated space of Atelier P. in Meldert as a breakfast bar during the closing day of Atelier P. More information will follow later!

Get inspired

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